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The Crown Remnant Formation and Beyond

The Crown Remnant is a melodic/groove metal powerhouse combining the talents and experience of seasoned musicians. Founded in 2016 by vocalist Geordy Shallan after graduating university, the band's beginning as a simple production began in earnest after recruiting the styled writing, producing, and performing talents of guitarist/composer Will Ash. Not long after, the group acquired the talents of Alex Sandoval, a drummer in L.A. with incredible skill.

With the band in deep production for a debut of original works, they quickly earned a fan following working in the L.A. music scene and continue to capture the attention of an energetic audience. The band plans to begin live performances with a selection of original songs to aggressively break into the Southern California metal scene.

2017 saw production of a new record for the Crown Remnant. Their full length debut encompasses the creative writing and production talents of co-writers Geordy and Will to create an explosive fusion of groove, symphony, harmony, and metal. Live shows will start soon in the West Los Angeles area and beyond as the band takes their original works to their fans on the road.

They created their website ( on March 31st in the midst of working on their debut record. The Crown Remnant created their home for all news, shows, music, and fans of the southern California based metal group. Now a sanctuary for their journey, their ever-expanding network settles in as the first and best place for fan content, updates, and connections with the talented members of the Crown Remnant.

As the co-founders continued writing music for the band, they started to form their original full length record. In between their writing rehearsals, one of the biggest (and somehow hardest) things to do was name it. All the songs in the record follow different underlying themes - the largest being Light and Dark and the disparity that follows in many aspects of life. The songs consist of many different kinds of subject matters including politics, philosophy, fiction and personal lives. The title of the new record anticipated for summer 2017 has been finalized and will be revealed alongside a single of the album, with release date to-be-determined.

Continuing on producing this anticipated album, the band neared the end of their pre-production phase - a step consisting of writing and directing the music, completing the song structure, and finalizing the album's demos. After the pre-production phase, the band will enter the recording phase where the record will take shape with live guitars, vocals, drums and more. When fully mixed and mastered, the album will be ready for release and sale.

Soon, the band will see new faces as they recruit players to help play live shows, and record the new record. Geordy, Will, and Alex are now finalizing picks that will see some of the most talented players in Los Angeles joining a new wave of American Heavy Metal.

All hail to the new kings.

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