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Vocal Tracking with Tyler Ruehl

​The Crown Remnant is kicking off studio month with professional vocal tracking sessions in the studio with Tyler Ruehl! The band is excited to be working with Tyler - owner of BlackgateCo, musician, and engineer and initial results are looking good. Both Geordy and Will headed down to San Diego today to start recording and producing the first songs on their debut record. The band will be working on the songs for the entire month of July, working extra hard to make the best quality studio tracks to eventually release out to all of you!

Today marks the start of the vocal sessions with Tyler Ruehl and then throughout the next couple of weeks, get ready for the guitar and bass tracking at Spot 8816 in L.A. and potentially live drum tracking at Westlake Studios! This will be an exciting month for the band and soon enough, the wait will be over for the fans.

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