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Recording Guitars at Spot 8816!

​For this record, TCR has put together an incredible team of engineers to help them get the best quality recordings that they can. So far, the tracking has been going great and the band is proud to be working with their guitar engineers at recording studio, Spot 8816. With a healthy amount of rack processors, compressors, preamps, and more, the guitars are coming out sounding even better than the band could've hoped. The sound engineers Chad Wilson and Jeremy "Jerm" Simoneaux have been doing a fantastic job and the band is planning on wrapping 7 songs with them over this week!

The sound of the guitars on the record is going to be a left side Schecter Blackjack guitar with JB/Jazz pickups going through a Mesa Boogie Studio Mark V/412 dual miked Mesa Cab, a right side ESP Horizon III with a Sentient/Nazgul set going through a Peavey 5150 head, and a center Schecter Hellraiser with 59 Custom/Distortion going through an EVH 5150 III for the leads. The sound is obliterating.

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