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7 Studio Songs Finished: Guitars and Bass

3 15 hour days later, Will Ash has finished tracking all of the guitars, bass, and leads to 7 studio songs off of the new Crown Remnant record! The tracking at Spot 8816 went incredibly smooth. With sound engineers Chad Wilson and Jeremy Simoneaux at the helm, the guitars were crafted to sound dark and punchy, yet lively and saturated. With the help of Schecter and ESP guitars and basses; Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Ampeg, and EVH amps, and full racks of compressors, distressors, preamps, and signal tastiness including Xotic, MXR, and Fulltone effects - metal has never sounded better.

With the tracking going along so quickly, the record is set to be finished in September, all vocal performances from Geordy Shallan and Will Ash permitting. The release will be TCR bulldozing their way onto the Southern CA metal scene.

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