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Classical Guitars, Orchestration, and More!

The Crown Remnant has always been about huge sounds, large harmonies, and brutal rhythms and one of the ways this record is so unique from other metal records is the experience of multi-genre influence.

Will Ash has taken on the role of composer as well as lead guitarist and part of his background includes classical, jazz, and thematic composition styles. Will has uniquely fused these elements into the more traditional sounds of death, melodic, and groove metal to come up with a sound and symphonic style completely unique to TCR. This is one of the reasons their debut record is so exciting - with a full orchestra and classical guitars at the forefront of writing you get metal that not only grooves, but it sounds HUGE. Immerse yourself into a wall of sound, harmony, and headbang-ery with the new Crown Remnant record coming this fall.

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