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All Vocals finished for First set of Songs!

​Finally Geordy Shallan and Will Ash have finished all the vocals for the first set of songs! With the guitars also finished for the first half of the record - it's a straight shot to the end of the road, mixing and mastering, and eventual release in Fall 2017!

The band is so excited to have you hear the quality, energy, and wicked shred of this entire record. While the band has decided to keep the name of the new record close to their chest, the band (and this website) have put up a ton of promotional artwork, photo shoots, and ads on their social media and more! Check out the Music section of this website for a few 30 second previews of the songs on the new album and check out the photo page for the photo shoot with Francisco at Teletaco Photography. Follow the Crown Remnant for a new teaser coming soon to their social media!

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