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3 More Songs Done... the Road So Far

​Today, TCR is happy to be back in the studio doing what they do best - making kick-ass songs. Will Ash went back down to Spot 8816 today to track 3 more songs for the record, leaving us with a running total of 10 songs out of 13. With one more session, they'll be able to call it wraps on the instrumentals for the record and with the vocals coming up hot on their own, the record is on schedule to be finished this year.

The band is so proud of the sound they're achieving in the studio with the amazing help of sound engineers Chad Wilson and Jeremy Simoneux. The amount of layers, tone, and harmonies going into each and every track through these 15 hour long tracking sessions is incredible and leaves a finished product that sounds like every inch has been crafted and cultivated to the fullest extent. We hope you enjoy when the record drops later this year.

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