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Tyler Ruehl and Blackgate: Vocal Engineering for The Crown Remnant

Tyler Ruehl is a San Diego based producer, mixing engineer, and musician from Oceanside, CA with an ear for melody and an insatiable hunger for creating the best possible audio experience. His blend of premium gear, composition chops, and professional but personable work demeanor makes him a force to be reckoned with.

He currently works throughout the southern California area first as a producer, but also as a songwriter, touring musician, mix engineer, and mastering engineer. Having now started his own music collective BlackGate Co. and working with major record labels like Rise Records and Roadrunner, he is one of the most talented and hardest working up-and-coming artists in the industry.

We here at TCR are extremely excited to be working with a professional like Tyler, and cannot thank him enough for his work vocal engineering and producing on some select tracks from our album, releasing later on this year. As one of our engineers, he’s helped make our vocal vision into a reality, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

We wanted to talk about Tyler today not only because we had the pleasure to work with him on our debut record, but also because he's doing something really cool for the underground music community. Starting up a band is hard enough - finding the right players and tools to help you get what's in your head out to an audience can be insanely difficult. Being successful at it is a whole other ball game and sometimes it helps to get tips and tricks from someone who's been there before. Blackgate Co. is an initiative created by Tyler and others to help the aspiring artist.

Blackgate puts out insanely awesome podcasts regularly that you can find on the front page of their website. Tyler and local bands, artists, and other entrepreneurs talk about the state of the music industry, making heavy music in the modern era and a host of other things that are really interesting. Blackgate Co. offers everything you could ask for as an artist including help recording, producing, writing, and even management skills on how to survive and thrive in the industry. If you're a hungry musician looking for tips on how to get signed, go on major tours, or even just how to craft your perfect sound, Blackgate is the place to go.

Tyler Ruehl is a friend of the Crown Remnant and you'll hear his vocal engineering work on select tracks off our latest full length record - coming this year 2017.

If you like Tyler and what Blackgate Co. does, check out their website at

Follow Tyler on Instagram @tyler_ruehl and Blackgate on Instagram and Facebook @blackgatecollective.

Follow the Crown Remnant @thecrownremnant everywhere.

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