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The Crown Remnant - The Wicked King

The Crown Remnant is proud to announce The Wicked King - a new full length album from the band set to release later this year! (2017)

The Wicked King is a semi-conceptual album exploring themes of tyranny, despotism, and oppression. ​In the album you witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life. We're so proud of the project we've been working on for the past year and we hope you guys like it as much as we do!

The Wicked King will be released in two parts and has 13 tracks - one of which has released for free download with a music video! You can listen to Haunted on our music page at The tracks aren't only confined to the album's story & theme, some are self contained stories or experiences, interpretations of philosophy and literary works. With an introductory track and an interlude track, the album clocks in at over an hour long!

We were interested in exploring disparity with this record. With our current divisive times on our mind, we set out to make what was essentially a two sided record that turned into its own project. In the end, our record symbolizes the disparity of light and dark, and the two halves of the album are stylistically and musically noted in the tracks, with an interlude track separating them. It was also fascinating for us to create and delve into the mind and position of a character like the Wicked King and understand what would have influenced him and what his impact on the world might be.

In even modern times, we deal with a lot of authoritarian rulers and this was a definite inspiration to the album. Since human history began, there's always been a person on top of the food chain and how that person decides to lead greatly determines the future of society. This authority is often abused for personal gain, and power. The ability of governance to corrupt is duly noted throughout history and the most terrifying thing we could think of was a hungry, all consuming tyrannical ruler that could not even be stopped by death.

We've been inspired by multiple pop culture works in producing this record and its idea. The beautiful album artwork with our Wicked King mascot created by Gray Eldritch was inspired by many things including the Dark Souls series; noting a heavy medieval theme over cyclical culture reformation due to disparity. Our songs on the record include ideas and ruminations on immortality, legacy, death, corruption, power, and more.

In the end, we found the most powerful musical record for us at this moment in time was to tell a story that paralleled our own modernity but fantasizing and broadening the appeal in order to create a story. This fiction tells the story that's been told for generations about the corruption of those in power and allows our first album to become timeless instead of stuck in modern political rhetoric. We aimed to strike a chord that resonates with listeners today but doesn't become weighted with politics to the point where we lose the grand picture and the bigger meaning.

"There was once a nameless king. In fields of death he claimed his crown. He built great halls

on the dead, and devoured the land surrounding. With guile, his subjects came to worship. Some led by fear, some led by greed. But in the shadows they wept. The king had conquered them all. And in him was an all consuming hunger for everlasting life. Only the wicked desires of his heart and the cruelty of his design kept him searching.

And so he searched, for the secrets beyond what any man should discover. And through this search he poured all his malice and contempt, crushing those beneath him. And though one day his bones would return to dust, and his halls to ash, he would wait. He would wait for his return, and the rise of the Wicked King."

The Wicked King will be out in 2017. For more news on The Crown Remnant, follow us here:

Download our latest song off the album "Haunted" here: - available everywhere now!

The Crown Remnant © 2017

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