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Art Ramirez & Alex Sandoval's Resignation

Art Ramirez

The Crown Remnant has been moving faster than ever in these last few months. From finishing the new album The Wicked King to working on setting up live shows and content for fans, it's never been a better time to be For the Crown.

Every band has their own challenges that they face as the move forward in the amazing but hardy pressure of the music industry. Today we have the unfortunate responsibility of notifying our fans that Alex Sandoval has decided to step down from his role as drummer in The Crown Remnant. We at TCR wish nothing but success in his future endeavors and want to thank Alex for all of his support and hard work since his induction into the band a little under a year ago. Alex Sandoval will no longer be a part of The Crown Remnant project and his work will not appear in any capacity on either parts of The Wicked King or any other TCR music or affiliations.

Overcoming challenges is the key to success in the modern day world. Industry, passion, and music live on and we see it as our job to make the best music that comes straight from our hearts. We will not compromise on quality, performance, or creativity and we hope that you notice our efforts when you hear the sincerity and authenticity in our music.

We're very proud to announce that Art Ramirez will be replacing Sandoval as our new drummer for The Crown Remnant. Art will be acting for now as an interim drummer while we decide who we want our permanent replacement to be. Art has been playing drums for most of his life and is an incredibly skilled drummer the likes of which we've never come across. Originally he reached out to us through colleagues that we share and Art came recommended very highly. After auditioning him, he exceeded every single one of our expectations.

The Wicked King: Part I

Beyond his exceptional qualifications, everyone here at the band has been satisfied with his attitude, drive, personality, and friendliness. So far, working with Art has been a pleasure. Art will be our drummer for all live shows, productions, works, and creative aspirations moving forward as we work on the ever evolving vision of The Crown Remnant.

The Crown Remnant has never been as strong as it is now and it's never been a better time to

be a fan. With a brand new album coming out in December, and a incredibly successful new single "Haunted" gaining more than 10,000 views in 3 weeks, our full lineup is already putting together shows so you can see us live and hear the band in our most energetic setting. We can't wait to see what these next few months have in store and what challenges await us. We're ready for it.

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Check out our brand new single "Haunted" on YouTube!

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