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Our Story

We started our journey in 2016. Geordy Shallan, the lead vocalist of The Crown Remnant met Will Ash and they instantly clicked. With similar music styles, upbringing, drive, and creativity, the two created the project Geordy named “The Crown Remnant.” The idea was to make something big, bigger than the two of them that would let them revitalize the metal scene they both loved and allow them to say the things they wanted to say, and play what they thought needed to be heard.


Soon, other members followed, amazed by the ongoing project that would turn out to be The Wicked King - The Crown Remnant’s first debut album. Jorge Lopez, Josue Lara, and Art Ramirez were added to the ranks while Geordy and Will set out to make a professional full length record starting with nothing but a guitar and a pen & paper. As the project started to form together, so did the business, the boys’ friendship, and the scope of the project.


Geordy and Will had both creatively been in other

outlets, other bands and scenes that allowed them to grow and learn, but for once this was the big leagues. It was go big or go home and the two devoted hours, days, weeks, and months to writing some of the best songs they both had to offer. When the other members came on board, they saw a record taking shape that was different than any other metal record on the market. A “no holds barred” record that tested the creative limits of the duo and ended up being bigger than either of them could believe.



The Crown Remnant was busy in other ways too. With great social media campaigns, the

band quickly gained a following. They created and maintained their own website with constant articles, updates, and new content for the fans with As the band grows even larger, they’ll be able to offer even more to their fans and grow their community. TCR was able to release a single to over 10,000 views in the first 3 weeks, get featured in an article by Hard Rock Haven (an online music publication), and finish their first huge release in time for the end of 2017.


As the band moves forward, there will always be a focus on passion, innovation, and courageous music that every member is invested in and any listener will see break the monotony of the current metal scene. The Crown Remnant is more than a band or an album or a media presence, they are a movement and that’s why every one of their fans are #forthecrown.


The Wicked King is The Crown Remnant's debut LP and will be available everywhere on 12.15.17 for $5.99 and streaming free on YouTube. Support the band by buying the record and follow them on social media:

The Crown Remnant's new single "Haunted" is available now for free on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music & more! Listen on YouTube here.

The Crown Remnant © 2017

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