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The Crown Remnant Interview with Hardrock Haven!

​The Crown Remnant is excited to show you our very first interview! Hardrock Haven Magazine sat down with Geordy Shallan, our lead vocalist, to talk about the new record "The Wicked King: Part I" a few weeks ago. Check out the live interview and the written post right here! We're so proud as a band of Geordy, and so thankful of Hardrock to see the potential in us as a group with our first release. We have so much more in store for you guys, and it's nice to start this long journey off with a good group of friends and partners.

The Wicked King: Part I is available now for only $5.99! This is our amazing debut LP that we've been talking about over this next year and it came out sounding incredible! If you haven't already, go check it out for free on YouTube or pick up a copy for yourself on this website, Itunes, Amazon Music, or stream it on Spotify!

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