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New Show at Malone's in Santa Ana January 21st!

​Blasting off our new year is the 2018 Kickoff Band Showcase presented by Pirate Entertainment! We'll be playing at Malone's in a night packed with 9 other great bands. Malone's is a venue located at 604 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

We'll be playing the metal segment opening at 5 PM on January 21st. The tickets are $10, with pre-sales from the band (us!) being buy one get one free! Reserve your tickets for Malone's today.

We're so excited to be able to play our music for you all across Los Angeles in these next few weeks. Be sure to catch our debut show at TimeWarp records on the 19th of January and then TCR @ Malone's on the 21st!

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