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Jeremy Simoneaux and Chad Wilson of S&W Audio

There's a lot of talent that goes unnoticed here in Los Angeles; the vigilant practitioners building their careers and livelihoods in the quiet of their apartments and evenings. Today, we highlight the pair of such individuals that got us where we are today as a band: the S&W Audio team. Chad Wilson and Jeremy Simoneaux are two adept sound engineers, musicians, and technicians responsible for the immaculate guitar and bass tones on the latest record from The Crown Remnant, The Wicked King. The pair forms a talented group working out of California that makes all sound production and design their business.

Chad Wilson is a career engineer who's worked in legendary studios like The Village, Westlake Recording Studios and more. His clients ranged from A list musical celebrities to the working musicians that you've never heard of. To him, the importance is in his work - not the glamour that ensnares the superficial. Honesty and integrity are the bedrock of his working regimen and you respect him for that. When you're working in a studio with someone with a project you're passionate about, you deserve the companions that set aside any ego and focus on getting you the best quality with the tools at hand. With Chad, you know that he'll be honest in the quality of your takes and you learn to rely on his experience and acumen to determine the best path to a finished production that you can be proud of. In essence, the mental acuity, honesty, and integrity he brings to a recording session, mix, or otherwise is something you'll never forget when working with lesser engineers.

Jeremy Simoneaux is an industry professional with current jobs and employment at legendary L.A. studios like Westlake. Jeremy "Jerm" works with consistency and passion to make sure that every song or production that passes through his hands captures the heart of the work. What's most important when working on a music project is understanding the larger picture. Where is the endeavor going to go, what's the purpose? Jeremy understands that, evaluates it, and puts his hands to the dials to produce, mix, engineer, and create lasting pieces. Working with him is the smoothest thing you'll experience and he brings his professional knowledge with the most approachable demeanor and environment. He works for everyone, not just himself. His reliability and work ethic are what you come to admire and seek; that really sets the bar for other audio engineers.

Even more than the individual talents of Chad and Jeremy are the combined skills of both. Working with each other for years, these guys know how to keep an intelligent flow in the studio. They know when to push and when to break, when to step aside and when to double down. The combined experience of the two and the clearly friendly relationship allows interactions that empower any working situation.

There's no disappointment with S&W Audio. They work with you inside and outside the studio, they put in their own time long after they're required, to give you the best service and best product on time. Our experience working with them has been a pleasure to say the least. They were economical and affable and they designed some of the greatest ass-kicking guitars and bass that we've heard. Every track on The Wicked King punches through your speakers with amazing blended tone because of these two. Based out of Hollywood and Los Angeles, there's no better recording engineers, producers, or mixers, that you could hire for your project - they know what they're doing and they handle your projects professionally and affordably.

Beyond that, we're happy to call them our friends.

S&W Audio is -

Chad Wilson:

Business inquiries to:

Jeremy Simoneaux:

Check out their production on The Wicked King: Part I:

The Wicked King: Part I is the brand new full length debut album from The Crown Remnant. Part of a larger 2 part album, The Wicked King is a semi-conceptual album regarding themes of tyranny, despotism, and oppression. Witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life.

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