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New Music Video Available NOW!

We're so excited to finally release our very first live action music video. The video has been in production for months and tonight at 5 PM will be the global release for all platforms!

Performing the song "From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey)" with an original story, The Crown Remnant produced, directed, and wrote this visual journey with cinematographer Matt Polizzi. Two characters' parallel stories set them on a path of the damned as the ignoble protagonists succumb to a vampiric illness. Both losing someone close to them by their own tragic actions, their twin story-lines converge when met by a mysterious stranger who offers them a choice. Light or dark, life or death, damnation or deliverance.

The release is at 5 PM but for our fans, it's available now! You can watch the video right now here on YouTube.

Directed and edited by Matt Polizzi

Produced by Geordy Shallan, Will Ash, and Matt Polizzi

Written by Will Ash

Official music video for "From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey" by The Crown Remnant © 2017 from The Wicked King: Part I

The Wicked King: Part I is available everywhere now!

The Wicked King: Part I is the brand new full length debut album from The Crown Remnant. Part of a larger 2 part album, The Wicked King is a semi-conceptual album regarding themes of tyranny, despotism, and oppression. Witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life.

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