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Interview with Liberate Justice Entertainment!

We had some incredible live performances this month and today we're happy to share with you an unscripted interview with Liberate Justice Entertainment! This interview was done post-show after one of our best live sets at Malone's Concert Venue in Santa Ana, California. Currently one of the only full band interviews of TCR available, the band talks about their inspirations, The Wicked King, tour possibilities, and what's coming next for them.

Check it out on YouTube here!

Special thanks to Liberate Justice Entertainment for interviewing us and capturing live photos from the night which you can check out on our Instagram!

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The Wicked King: Part I is available everywhere now!

Get it here Listen on Spotify Get it on iTunes Pay what you want on Bandcamp

The Wicked King: Part I is the brand new full length debut album from The Crown Remnant. Part of a larger 2 part album, The Wicked King is a semi-conceptual album regarding themes of tyranny, despotism, and oppression. Witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life.

You can watch the music video right now here on YouTube.

Official music video for "From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey)" by The Crown Remnant © 2017 from The Wicked King: Part I

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