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Happy Birthday to Art Ramirez!

We wish the best Happy Birthday to our amazing drummer Art Ramirez. Art is the youngest member of TCR and has been with us through thick and thin. With his intense drumming style coupled next to the fast guitars on our records, we can't think of a better musician to have by our side.

We added Art to complete our lineup a little more than a year ago and he has never let us down. Let's go back in history a little bit. Picture TCR at its beginnings. The band was filled with a fiery passion to create their first record and burst into the scene. The creativity was boundless, writing The Wicked King, but as the band started to record demos and host auditions for players, they knew they would need a drummer that could handle the insane technicality, speed, and precision of their vision. As the permanent members began to fill in, the drums were the last spot available, and all the other auditions were unsatisfactory. Week to week was a roller coaster of responding to emails, interviewing, rehearsing with potential players, and disappointment. When Art came up first in conversation, it was from a "Hail Mary" word-of-mouth sent out to drummers that were friends of the band. If they knew anyone that had skill, or if someone approached them looking for a group, send them here. Sure enough, a friend dropped the line that this kid was interested. He didn't have much experience playing live shows, but he was one of the best drummers that friend had ever seen. 20 year old Art came into the scene. The band went through the now standardized interview and rehearsal but for the first time felt a camaraderie in the rehearsal, a glue that hadn't been there before. Since then, Art has surpassed expectation, and left his creative footprint all over The Wicked King live shows and the band's upcoming records.

Art turns 21 today, finally able to enjoy the legal age limit for the shows that we play! With that final jurisdiction, we'll be able to play bigger venues and bigger shows with all of our members now over the age of 21. Art has been a good friend, a fierce worker, and a passionate player and we hope you all wish him a happy birthday as well, as a King of The Crown Remnant!

Follow him at Instagram: Follow the Crown Remnant for the latest updates:

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