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Will Ash's Radio Interview

Our guitarist Will Ash was just on the radio yesterday morning on W4CY with "The Adventures of Pipeman" show host Pipeman himself, talking about our new single "Inferno" and our new record "The Wicked King: Part II"! Check out the interview here and learn about the release date, inspirations and more.


We're so thankful of the show to give us this opportunity to reach out to more people. Check out Pipeman's Power of Music, the show was broadcast at W4CY radio, W4VET radio, and K4HD radio - Hollywood talk radio.

Check out our new single "Inferno" now:

And check out more of Pipeman's podcast, interviews, and personality on iHeartRadio and tune in live!

Preorder "The Wicked King: Part II" everywhere!

Follow the band:

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