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August 2020 Update for The Crown Remnant


2020 has been a tough year for all of us, especially in the music industry. I'm announcing changes behind-the-scenes including the departure of members, shifting towards a "music focused" project, and a tease of what's coming up next.

This project has always been my passion, curating my writing for guitars, vocals, strings, piano, and more since our first release "The Wicked King". I've been in charge of hiring members since the beginning, and I've seen members come and go. The nature of this pandemic has made it difficult to utilize my members' live talent and frankly everything everything is hard to afford with cut paychecks and cut hours.

A la Brendon Small, The Crown Remnant is cutting back to its core principal - making music for the digital age. As the creator, producer, and lead writer of 'The Wicked King' Part I, and Part II, my passion for "what's next?" has never been greater. Although COVID19 has caused a lot of heartache, we can get through all of this together.

For the love of music, metal, independent bands, and creativity, I can't wait for you guys to see the future of TCR - be sure to check out the teaser at the end of the video.

-Will Ash

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