The Crown Remnant is a melodic/groove metal powerhouse combining the talents and experience of seasoned musicians. Founded 2016 in Los Angeles in part by guitarist Will Ash, the band's beginning as a simple production began in earnest with the styled writing, producing, and performing talents of the Iowan guitarist/composer. The band went through a few lineup changes on their way to find the best players for the groups technical, theatrical music. Their current lineup consists of incredible drummer Art Ramirez, rhythm/lead guitar player Joseph Camacho, and the newest addition, bass player Syd Drapkin

With the band in deep production for a follow up to their 2018 and 2019 hits "The Wicked King" collection, they quickly earned a fan following working in the L.A. music scene and continue to capture the attention of an energetic audience. The band began playing live shows at the start of 2018 all across the west coast, culminating in "The Wicked King Tour" late January 2019.


Mixing a background of various styles of metal, hard rock, and progressive music, The Crown Remnant make their music with passion. With lyrical themes centered around personal issues, politics, massive literary ideas, and more, the aim is to create a style of music that blends together everything held dear to the members.

Hailing from all different backgrounds, these talented artists are the backbone of what makes the band special. Each with their own personality and style, the band successfully fuses many different types of music together. The current members are constantly working hard for their early fans and supporters and released their debut album The Wicked King: Part I at the end of 2017, with the follow up "The Wicked King: Part II" released in January 2019. The metal scene is desperate for a hard revival, so the Crown leads the charge to fight and take back the throne for metal. 


Will Ash - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, and Composer

Working as the lead writer on "The Wicked King", Will has worked in the music industry for years. Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Will brings his dedication to metal guitar and his love of thematic composition to launch the Crown Remnant into a unique genre. He has been writing, performing, and practicing music for over a decade and hopes to one day shred his guitar fast enough to start a small fire.


When not music-ing, he runs his own YouTube channel as a lover and pundit of the video game industry. He is the largest fan of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings you will ever meet, and is an overall fan of the arts. Will also enjoys writing and creating comedy and works as an amateur actor, and voice actor in Los Angeles.                                         


Art Ramirez- Drummer


Art Ramirez was one of the best drummers to ever audition with The Crown Remnant. Exceeding expectations with his skill, Art has been playing drums for most of his life. 20 years old, he's been dedicated to metal for a long time - playing shows and being a part of cover bands. Art stepped in when previous drummer Alex Sandoval stepped down from his position and absolutely murdered his audition.


Ramirez is clearly a cat guy. The magical powers of the feline are what allow him to play his 9 piece drum set so well. Art may or may not sip a bowl of warm milk and consume only tuna - time with the band will tell how deep this cat conspiracy goes. For the meantime, The Crown Remnant is happy to have a genuinely likable guy like Art on board.                           

Joey Camacho - Rhythm/Lead Guitarist


Joey came on board the band during the successful 'Wicked King Tour' across the Western U.S. in January 2019, as the band's rhythm/lead guitar player. His motivation, personality, and drive for music helped seal his position in the band when the group started to look for a solid guitar player. 

Joey is the youngest member of the band but don't let that fool you. His skills on guitar and dumb jokes may surprise you.


Syd Drapkin - Bass Guitarist



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