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The Production Stage

Brand new music from the Crown Remnant is coming soon, here's an update on the process we're taking to support our explosive run on the southern California metal scene.

The Crown Remnant proudly uses:

Schecter/Godin/Breedlove Guitars D'Addario NYXL Strings Ernie Ball/Schecter Basses EVH/Peavey Amplification Tama Drums Sabian Cymbals Shure/Sennheiser Microphones

Toontrack VSTs Native Instruments VSTs & Hardware Joey Sturgis Tones

to produce the full length debut coming to you this year.

During our time, we are constantly and consistently writing new music to make sure that the best tracks make it on the record with a sound and feel that's consistent to our standards and voice.

Laying down tracks with multiple home studios and Logic and Reaper softwares, we develop demonstration tracks so we can get a natural feel to the song. We work hard going over these songs hundreds of times, adding new parts and layers and taking out superfluous parts to make sure we walk away from the studio with something we're proud of.

We hope you take the time to listen to our new record when it launches. Subscribe to our email updates so we can notify you with any new releases or promotions!

-The Crown Remnant

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