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Rehearsing at West L.A. Studios

West L.A. studios is a great rehearsal studio in.. you guessed it, West Los Angeles. The boys went through a few different places when figuring out where the best place was to practice live performances, and they found no better place than West L.A.!

The band has been enjoying the routine Thursday practices - going over a setlist of 7 songs to take out at shows and on the road and they're so excited to start playing live. For all the fans - they've got special performances they're practicing right now to give you the best live metal experience and make sure their concerts are more than just live music: they're a show.

With visceral, live energy, group coordination, vocals, and harmonies, and a whole lot more; when the Crown Remnant starts performing, it will be unforgettable! Check new showings in the Events section of this website and subscribe to our e-mailing list for special invites!

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