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Guitars and Drums Finalized for all 13 Tracks!

​The wait is almost over... over the past few months we've been finishing the pre-production and tracking out guitars/bass in the studio and it's finally almost done. Today we go to our favorite studio, Spot 8816 to put a cap on all of the drums and guitars for all 13 songs of The Crown Remnant's new album.

With the guitars finalized, one more session will finish the bass guitars and only a few more for the vocals will finish us out. We'll send it all off to our mixing engineer and put the final finishing touches on our passion project over this past year. We hope you guys like it as much as we do.

With an exciting amount of content and commitment, we hope to make a major splash on the scene with our new record and after we're done, we'll be taking to venues, tours, and more to get people listening and to give you, the fans, some shows!

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