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The Wicked King Comes out December 15th!

​Finally, a release date has been announced. Our new album, "The Wicked King: Part I" will be released in just a few weeks on December 15th! We've been waiting so long to be able to announce this and we're excited to show you guys the culmination of the last year of our hard work.

The album is the first full length debut from The Crown Remnant and will be available everywhere including Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music for only $5.99! The full album will also be available streaming on the band's YouTube channel both individually and as a full album stream.

This has been a long journey for all of us here in the band and we're so happy to be able to hit our release goal of 2017 and get this out to all of the fans. We think you guys will be surprised at what's in store for you. See you guys in a little under two weeks for the release!

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