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Curious Kat Photography Performance Pictures!

We're so lucky as a band to have the support of dedicated journalists and photographers like Curious Kat Photography. With her help, we were able to capture the night at Lucky Strike Live! in Hollywood where we performed in late March.

The performance was an exhilarating good time. We played an hour long set, closing out the night with our headlining performance. This show was part of our SoCal tour promoting our first brand new record, "The Wicked King: Part I{" and we had the opportunity to play the hits and even a few new songs for our upcoming record "The Wicked King: Part II" due this summer.

The Wicked King: Part I is available everywhere now!

The Wicked King: Part I is the brand new full length debut album from The Crown Remnant. Part of a larger 2 part album, The Wicked King is a semi-conceptual album regarding themes of tyranny, despotism, and oppression. Witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life.

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