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HORIZON is the all new follow up single to THE END OF DAYS, available now! Listen to dueling guitars and soaring harmonies as Will Ash takes you towards the horizon in a world all but lost.

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THE END IS HERE... Don't Be Afraid. THE END OF DAYS my brand new album is out now! With all the hope and love for fans and listeners around the world, we know the music industry is going to come back even stronger this year. In the meantime, check out our official lyric video for our new hit song "Storm's Edge" and keep a watchful eye on the horizon!




The End of Days is available now including the hit single "Storm's Edge" with over 50,000 streams in its first month of release. Pick up your copy of the ground-breaking melodic metal record for only $9.99 here. Witness the fall of the world as the storm overtakes us all and a new day begins. 


The End of Days

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