We're excited to announce the next chapter of The Crown Remnant starting with our new single "The Other Side"! The all new song is available to stream and purchase on all major platforms like Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and more, click the link above!

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This year has been our most exciting yet. We've released our new single "The Other Side" and earlier in January, our new album "The Wicked King: Part II" which you can listen to here! We've also released an awesome new music video "Legacy". We hit the Western U.S. with The Wicked King Tour in January, so if you missed it make sure to check out our events to see us live


The Wicked King: Part II is available now including the hit single "Inferno" with over 15,000 streams in its first month of release. Pick up your copy of the ground-breaking melodic metal record for only $8.99 here. Witness the resurrection of a fallen king obsessed with eternal life. 

The Wicked King: Part I 

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