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Meet Gray Eldritch: Our Album Artist

Band artwork is one of those iconic things that can make or break the memorability of a record. Vivid imagery and visually striking pieces are the fabric that surrounds the music inside an album; with the power to shape the way the listener sees the band and the music in their mind's eye for years to come. Colors and mascots, digital and hand-drawn: even in this technological era, distinctive art can control the narrative.

Gray Eldritch is an L.A. based artist from Colorado with a stunning eye for design. His signature dark aesthetic and mixture of artistic mediums is proof that art can still change the narrative, and shift paradigms. He currently works in the art industry exploring the intricacies of painting, sculpture, photography, and more. Featured in art galleries and showings from Denver to California, he encompasses a mystic, supernatural style that's hard to mistake.

We at the Crown Remnant are proud to be working with Gray, and will be utilizing his incredible talents as our artist for our debut record, releasing later this year (2017). As our official artist, he'll be creating our original album artwork and more; he'll be producing images that will be remembered for years to come and shape the visual face of this album. Because this is such an important task and contributes so majorly to the lasting power of this record, we couldn't take this decision lightly.

As a band, you have to make decisions and so we researched. Throughout all of our selections and contacts, Eldritch's name is one that came up quite a bit in our discussions. We were enamored with his surrealistic style, his intrepid approach to creating dark atmospheres and saw that it perfectly matched our unique music we've been so excited to create. Breaking the mold and bringing back metal to the interesting depths that it originated from has created for us a huge passion project that we'll be proud to see shake up the scene and revive the heart that's been missing in metal recently. Such an undertaking deserves an envisioned artist to support and compliment our own vision. Soon, the Crown Remnant will be releasing more news on our art, album, story, and more, so be sure to stay up to date and join us as we take back the crown of metal.

Check out Gray Eldritch's artwork we were so crazy about:

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