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Josue Lara on Bass: The Consummate Professional

The importance of the underlying is often understated. The roots that hold aloft mighty designs and support the grandeur of the whole is an everlasting reminder that without grounding - creation can't survive. In metal, nothing is as analogous as the bass guitar. The roots of the groove, the cohesive melodic layer surreptitiously residing within the heart of the percussion.

As you can see from the picture, Josue Lara knows all about grooving. When you first see Josue, he's definitely more than meets the eye. A musician, a hard worker, and friend are some of his defining qualities but that's not all that makes him so titled: a consummate professional.

Riding jet skis and rocking Mephistopheles style mustaches aside - Josue has an acquired knack of making you feel at home, making jokes, and adding depth to the situation. When it's time to work, he can put his nose to the grindstone to contribute to the project in every way that's asked of him and you can always expect him to show up on time, prepared, and ready to go.

That's one of the many reasons why Lara is the new bassist for the Crown Remnant. TCR is proud to be working with Josue Lara. The band has met many awesome people and players along their journey recording, producing, writing, and playing but putting together a dream team of people that could work together and also have fun was a challenge. Piece by piece the Crown Remnant came together through friends and auditions and the last piece of the puzzle was Josue.

Josue brings to the table an old school flair for heavy metal bass - inspired by Iron Maiden, Metallica, and the old school. Don't let it be said that his musical tastes are one sided though - Josue has great musical tastes across genres and shares in common a lot musically with Will Ash. A good friend and a man that takes care of business consistently is the professional musician that the Crown needed to start playing live shows and performing the music off their new album coming in 2017. Without Josue, the band would lack grounding and the roots to the incredible creation of this project.

They're proud to continue working with Josue and welcome him as the new bass player. Having another video game fan in the mix also doesn't hurt, especially when Josue rolls in with a Mega Man shirt on during practices.

Follow Josue on:

Facebook @ Josue Lara

Instagram @ joe_snow93

And follow his work on the Crown Remnant at:

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