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Meet Our New Guitarist: Jorge Lopez

Say hello to Jorge! Our brand new addition to the Crown Remnant lineup, Jorge is the new rhythm guitarist and will join Will Ash on guitars. We at the Crown Remnant are so excited to welcome Jorge into the band. After weeks of grueling auditions, we narrowed it down to a few contenders and Lopez is the one that pushed through.

Jorge Lopez is a 23 year old guitarist whose dream is to play and perform the things he loves in front of an audience. He's a super geek, into video games, pokemon, anime, and general nerd-dom: and has the tattoos to back it up.

With the addition of Jorge, we'll be able to play live shows with harmonized guitars, secondary solos, and all the other goodies that come with having an extra hand on stage. We're excited to say that Jorge will be joining us for all live play, and will be featured on the next Crown Remnant record after our debut album releases this year.

Playing with Jorge these past few weeks has fit in one of our final puzzle pieces to making not only a band that rocks hard, but a band that has fun and we hope to show you more of that on our Instagram account, Facebook, and more.

With our lineup slowly getting finalized, expect to see more news pertaining to shows, the new album, and a whole lot more. We're really excited to be working on these projects and promise that we'll have a lot to announce in the coming weeks. Our gears keep on turning and behind the scenes, things are moving really fast for us with industry contacts and more and we're planning our next move with Jorge Lopez helping us get there. Be sure to follow Lopez on Instagram @thatother.georgelopez.

The Crown Remnant is:

Geordy Shallan - Lead Vocals and Bass Guitars

Will Ash - Lead Guitar, Orchestration, and Backup Vocals

Alex Sandoval - Drums and Percussion

Jorge Lopez - Rhythm Guitars, and Backup Vocals

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